Where is Industry 4.0 Taking You? Tired of the hype?

Where is Industry 4.0 Taking You? Tired of the hype?

Many manufacturers and infrastructure companies are already using their data to identify issues, solve problems, and lower utility costs. And yet, you’re not. Why? You have data that can be used as a resource, and secure, flexible IoT connections to cloud-based analytic platforms that are available today.

Recently, FacilityConneX partnered with GE and FYI Technologies to discuss how IoT technology is being used to identify savings opportunities, increase product quality and improve equipment reliability. Capturing data from many different data sources and using analytics to detect the issues and their root cause provides these companies with new ways to save energy and help with equipment maintenance and sustainability efforts; both having a huge impact on your organization.

Short-term measures, such as spreadsheets, may be effective for short-term projects. However, to create sustainable change, powerful tools that provide constant and consistent visualization of results and corrective action are needed, with data based upon correlation and analysis of historical and real time conditions.

To learn how to use your data, leverage IoT technology, and drive real change and cost savings to your company, contact us at sales@facilityconnex.com to receive our latest webinar presentation and schedule a demo of our product.

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