Water and wastewater utilities and operating companies operate in a very challenging environment. First there is the critical nature of its services which necessarily place a premium on operations. Second, as a regulated industry, compliance with strict quality requirements is a given. Finally, utilities are faced with continued capital investment in a time when concerns about rates and events like droughts make this particularly challenging. Utilities need a way to have better visibility to critical information about their operations while finding ways to reduce operations costs and ensuring quality.

Water-ConneX is a package of features, dashboards and analytics developed specifically for the water and wastewater treatment industry. It uses the same robust cloud platform as FacilityConneX providing a secure mechanism to compile, analyze and view your operating data.

Continuous Monitoring and Detection

​Smart Asset Monitoring is the next generation of connection and visualization technology designed to take data from all of your assets and transform it into operational information that your staff can use anytime, anywhere. If you have assets that are not connected, you can include manual data entry from any mobile device. No more guessing at what is wrong with your equipment because your assets tell you what they need. Given that the scope and complexity of your systems, you need Water-ConneX to bring the most advanced predictive detection and analysis available on the market today. This provides a view starting with each asset and building up to a view of your entire system. Because the system can be configured to monitor but not control, there is no risk to plant security.

Maintenance and Mobility

One of the challenges of most water operations is the dispersed geographic nature of the operations.With our role based access system, you decide who needs to access what information. Then that information is available wherever that person is via a mobile device. Some of our clients use this for manual data entry in the field. Others use it for remote access to critical KPIs such as trends in tank levels when assessing system demand and delivery. ​

Notifications and Action

​Water-ConneX intelligently alert the user to a current condition or predictive condition drawing attention to the most critical issues with state and severity as a leading indicator of a process or equipment in trouble. With advanced notifications and recommended condition-based actions, the operator reacts to conditions and alarms. Notify Now takes you to action. Advanced Notification in Water-ConneX brings you alarms, data, and knowledge allowing you to see the current conditions and who has the ownership. Timed escalations and task assignments are built in to the system making your life easier and your operations more efficient.

Advanced Analytics

​Our advanced analytics provide robust Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) capabilities for all of your assets such from wells to pumps to tanks. This ensures that all of these assets are functioning properly which ensures quality compliance with low operating costs, particularly energy usage. Metrics like pressure gradients can be tracked to the asset level and seen in context of the operations of the system as a whole.

As with all of our products, we work closely with our customers through Monthly Consultations which allow us to assist you with project prioritization.

​How can use you use Water-ConneX?

Let’s take a look at some examples from our current customers:

Monitoring KPIs

One water utility customer uses Water-ConneX to gather data on System Demand and Delivery. Data is gathered down the individual source level and tracked in the system.The system correlates it with delivery data from across their infrastructure so they can see these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by day, month or year. KPIs include tank levels, daily cycles, tank turnover and regional demand.

Like many other utilities, this customer is dealing with a drought condition and must closely track river levels and adjust operations according to actual levels. They also track non-revenue water usage to identify issues like leaks or theft.Many utilities report as much as 5% of their demand is non-revenue which adversely affects the bottom line. Water-ConneX provides the empirical evidence to support repair and replacement decisions.Finally, these KPIs are used for regulatory reporting to demonstrate compliance and building their annual hydraulic model.

Remote Data Entry

With Water-ConneX’s Anytime, Anywhere capabilities, one utility has their staff use mobile devices for manual data entry in the field.This ensures that information is recorded quickly and accurately.This makes critical information available more quickly with fewer manual steps. Personnel in the field also have access to the data they need to do their job.

Alerts and Quality

Quality is critical to our customers. By monitoring analytics down to the individual pump, Water-ConneX can identify conditions that require attention. This customer uses our pump analytics to understand the operating condition impact on quality. Because the customer’s quality team sees this in relation to operation of the entire system, they know when conditions require sampling. To facilitate this, Water-ConneX creates and tracks alerts with notification to the responsible person. The system also provides a full record of these events.