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Webinar: Optimizing Critical Zones with Monitoring Based Commissioning

Spaces like operating rooms and laboratories require constant oversight due to occupant health and safety compliance regulations. The prohibitive cost of production downtime or lost output often requires highly maintained, specific airflow requirements for production areas and clean rooms. Staying on top of Environmental Health & Safety regulations, Production, Mechanical Reliability and Energy Efficiency can be achieved in real-time with Advanced Continuous System Monitoring and FDD software tools.

Watch this 54 minute webinar to now to learn about advantages and approaches in harnessing the data of your critical space systems from James Driscoll of FacilityConneX and Sam Deptula, Project Manager at B2Q Associates.


Webinar: Optimizing Building Performance Using IoT and Existing Building Systems

Terry Young, Director of Property Management for KRP Properties joins FacilityConneX’s Tom Schiller to discuss how KRP has seen an ROI of less than 8 months on their 3.24 million square foot portfolio by embracing technology and MBCx.

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Southcoast Health Video

In this 5 minute video, Southcoast Health explains how they use FacilityConneX to improve operations and save on energy costs.

Reducing Energy and Maintenance Costs

EN – Real-time Operational Intelligence