The Voice of Your Equipment

The Voice of Your Equipment

Your organization relies on equipment.  Hospitals use equipment to control the environment for their patients, including ensuring proper infection control. Commercial real estate firms use equipment to provide a comfortable workplace for their tenants.  Water plants use it to move, test and treat water for their customers.  Industrial plants rely on equipment to produce products.

All of this equipment has gotten much sophisticated over time.  Today, a single piece of equipment may haves dozens of control points which means it is very easy for misconfigurations to occur.  We have seen many instances where a piece of HVAC equipment is providing a comfortable environment but misconfigurations, like too much outside air, cause it to consume much more energy than it should.

The sophistication of the equipment is one of the reasons that this happens so often.  Manually sorting through the data on all of the control points can be overwhelming. The data is there, but is very hard to hear what you equipment can tell you because there is so much of data.

That’s where automation comes in. We call FacilityConneX “The Voice of Your Equipment” because our platform continuously monitors your equipment.  We then apply our analytics to make sense of this and make sure you and your team gets the information you need, where and when you need it.  All of that data is managed to provide information that is valuable and actionable – what we call Knowledge to Action.

This is important to facility managers because operating equipment costs money, particularly in energy costs.  Ensuring your equipment is working well also costs money in staff time and administrative costs. Moreover, equipment that is properly maintained lasts longer.  The key is understanding how to best use your resources to get the best possible return.

That has been the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things; gathering and using the data from the equipment to provide for better and more efficient operations.  FacilityConneX is delivering on that promise right now. There are many ways to use our platform and this blog will look at different aspects of this.  We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

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