OEMs & Solution Providers

Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

Powered by GE software, FacilityConneX is the first advanced operational intelligence based system designed for continuous monitoring and fault detection. OEMConneX is an bundle of features for OEMs to provide enterprise level intelligent monitoring and a knowledge action system designed to bring smart asset monitoring, advanced predictive intelligence, continuous management and warranty savings – all available in a hosted cloud environment.

Know Your Fleet – Know Your Customer

From seeing your machines in context of the entire fleet to giving your field personnel information before they arrive at the customer’s site, knowing the situation and performance will increase efficiency and performance by at least 40%. Imagine sending your personnel onsite with information and probably causes. Then imagine telling the customer about a performance improvement because of a detected misconfiguration increasing production and machine reliability. In today’s industrial internet this is all possible and it’s cost effective in the cloud.


Collaborative Customer Visibility

With Customer Visibility option of OEMConneX, you choose to give your customer the most visibility available in the market and cloud today. You choose to differentiate yourself with helping your customer see his machine the way you designed it to run. Your customer not only visualizes your machine performance, but gets proactive alerts from you, collaborates with you directly, and receives the corrective action procedure – the right information at the right time. Your customer not only trusts you, he looks to you for the right action to take every day.

Advanced Analytics on the FacilityConneX cloud are then used to determine problems before they arise. The end result is finely tuned equipment for optimized productivity, machine availability with lower maintenance costs.

Predictive Analytics

Temperature trending up? Is that related to the increase in Water Pressure? Is this a problem? Is this a crisis? Humans cannot predict failure, but your assets have the data and can tell you if they are trending out of control and if they are starting to fail. Let your assets intelligently tell the operators what is required to keep them running, what issues are occurring, and how to change a failure trend.

Identifying and preventing failures will not only save money against your machine and output efficiency; it will limit unnecessary preventive maintenance costs and save on energy usage and cost.


FacilityConneX is an Enterprise-level intelligent monitoring and knowledge action system designed to bring smart asset monitoring, advanced predictive intelligence, continuous management and energy savings; all available in a secure hosted Cloud environment with online and mobile visibility. This allows hospital facility managers to:

  • Monitor your equipment and thousands of fault detection scenarios.
  • View the entire portfolio of buildings online and on mobile to ensure that people have the right information at the right time.
  • Use our advanced analytics to prioritize the work needed to minimize energy consumption and meet occupant needs.