NYSERDA: Champion of Energy Efficiency Analytics

NYSERDA: Champion of Energy Efficiency Analytics

Utility providers and energy research organizations can play a key role in compelling building owners to make efficiency-focused procurement decisions about their facilities.  NYSERDA (New York State Energy and Research Development Authority) knows that building efficiency analytics are pivotal in identifying, prioritizing and correcting inefficient operations.

Smart building owners and facilities managers who strive for operational productivity and energy efficiency know it’s extremely difficult to improve in these areas without accurate, up-to-date data to inform decision making.  And yet, analyzing building automation and control system performance has never been an easy task for busy facilities managers and technicians.

Sorting through tens or hundreds of thousands of stored values to find problems and determine their potential causes is a never-ending and exhausting task requiring multiple staff members with the expertise and tools to be successful.  Building Automation Systems have traditionally been difficult to use for diagnosing system performance and problems because they were not designed for these purposes.

Additionally, most control problems don’t come to the attention of facilities staff until there is an occupant complaint or mechanical failure. These related complexities result in operations staff having to work in a reactive mode, troubleshooting problems only after a complaint has been received or a complete failure identified.  Plus, there will inevitably be operational problems that go unnoticed unless found by chance.

NYSERDA is committed to advancing leading edge technologies that improve quality of life, economic growth and energy efficiency throughout the state of New York.

In June of 2016, NYSERDA rolled out the Commercial Real-Time Energy Management Program (RTEM).  This program offers aggressive cost-share incentives to implement technologies that aggregate facility data, monitor performance in real-time, and turn that data into actionable information with advanced analytics to improve operational and energy efficiency.

The Power of FCx Real-Time Data into Real-Time Knowledge

To learn more about how FacilityConneX’ can help you take advantage of NYSERDA’s RTEM program with a system for Continuous Monitoring Commissioning with analytics for critical systems and energy usage, contact us at 774-283-6015 or sales@facilityconnex.com.

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