Monitoring-Based Commissioning’s Role in the Future of Revenue Recuperation and Infection Control

Monitoring-Based Commissioning’s Role in the Future of Revenue Recuperation and Infection Control

“Air quality is of the utmost importance to our facilities as it not only supports patient comfort but also helps to control and mitigate the spread of infectious disease(s) throughout hospitals. Using the FacilityConneX platform, we’ve been able to bring a much more proactive approach to maintenance and energy savings, reducing these costs by approximately 15%. We’re also looking to bring this same approach to our HVAC systems to provide our patients and staff with the best air quality possible, and the FacilityConneX solution and team has proven to be the right choice for this effort.” – Christopher LeBlanc, Executive Director of Engineering/Facilities & EVS at Southcoast Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that in order for healthcare facilities to best contain infectious diseases, swift and costly action around air optimization is paramount. Solutions such as Monitoring-Based Commissioning technologies (MBCx) play an increasingly larger role in protecting patients by enhancing air quality and infection control, all while padding the bottom line.

With the FacilityConneX MBCx solution, hospitals and healthcare facilities can:

  • Increase energy savings up to 25%
  • Boost revenue up to 20x per dollar saved
  • Enhance indoor air quality for better infection control
  • Drastically improve patient comfort and safety
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with ASHRAE, AIA and CDC standards
  • Enhance operational efficiency and proactivity

These benefits are made possible through the combination of real-time monitoring intelligent alerts, and fault detection & diagnostics, all built into the FacilityConneX MBCx platform and customized to the varied and unique infection control demands of healthcare environments.

Real-Time Monitoring – Building Automation Systems (BAS) and HVAC sensor technologies generate thousands of datapoints each day which, when accessible, provide a clearer picture of operational efficiency from the OR to the waiting room. With FacilityConneX, healthcare facilities can collect all of this granular data, specifically focusing on temperature, airflow, air turns, pressure, and humidity to evaluate air quality in critical and non-critical locations.

Intelligent Alerts – Pulling from continuous monitoring and data collection, intelligent alerts can be customized to immediately notify staff when and where HVAC issues occur, all in real-time. FacilityConneX’s intelligent alerts provide actionable steps for nosocomial risk mitigation, including prevention of bacteria growth – a fatal concern in hospitals where approximately 50% of reported COVID-19 patient deaths are the result of a bacterial co-infection. Furthermore, alerts can ensure action is taken immediately to maintain compliance with AIA and CDC standards.

Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) – FDD enables more proactive facility maintenance to minimize downtime, disruption and risk to patients. At a time where hospitals are drastically aiming to reduce costs, FacilityConneX’s advanced analytics and trending data can provide customized guidance on priority improvements for maximized energy and cost-savings to help pad your bottom line. According to reports from Energy Star, there is potential for hospitals to boost revenue upwards of 20x for each dollar saved in energy costs. With our ability to increase savings up to 25%, this could equate to millions in profits. For example, a $1 million electrical bill could achieve upwards of $250,000 in energy savings and gain upwards of $5 million in revenue.

COVID-19 hasn’t changed how we look at infectious disease control and energy savings, it’s simply demanded more from technologies including MBCx. As we move towards this new normal, we’re here to help healthcare facilities further minimize infectious disease risks in a way that is affordable, proactive and far more efficient than ever before.

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