Industrial and manufacturing plants are increasingly being pressured to implement Industry 4.0 and FacilityConneX provides a simpler, cloud-based solution that consolidates and clarifies what the data from thousands of systems and IIoT equipment is trying to convey. The combination of real-time monitoring-based commissioning, fault detection & diagnostics, and advanced predictive analytics allows plants to maintain regulatory compliance, support staff efficiency at all levels, and optimize equipment performance for reduced allocated costs. With FacilityConneX, manufacturing and industrial plants can become more strategic and proactive with plant and asset maintenance.

  • Operational efficiency is enhanced with the consolidation of data from millions of IIoT devices into one easy-to-use real-time monitoring platform.
  • Regulatory compliance is maintained through intelligent alarming, which provides real-time alerts to staff when equipment and systems are operating outside of pre-determined parameters.
  • Allocated costs for energy and maintenance are reduced through more accurate energy data captures and visibility into inefficiencies, peak use, etc.
  • Maintenance efforts become more effective as predictive analytics act as a round-the-clock technical assistant, identifying and providing staff with a prioritized list of critical issues and key areas for improvement.
  • Time to resolution is reduced up to 30% as monitoring based commissioning, and predictive analytics allow operators to address more efficiently address more issues in a shorter amount of time, reducing downtime and energy waste.

Environmental, Operational, and Cost-Related Challenges

  • 75%: According to experts at GE Digital, 75% of all alarms are just noise, which plant staff will have to sort through.
  • 30%: Through predictive analytics and intelligent alarming the time to resolution can be reduced up to 30%.
  • 10-15%:  Industrial facilities allocate approximately 10% of their electricity for compressed air but operational efficiency for these systems is only 10-15% according to Energy Star.
  • 80%: of industrial facilities are unable to estimate their downtime accurately, leading to losses in profitability.

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