Industrial Plants & Manufacturers

Downtime or simply the lack of consistency and reliability in their production environments will quickly erode company profit. Identifying ways to save on rising costs and meet operational budgets are the chief concern for our industrial customers today, especially since every dollar they save, is a dollar that goes directly to their bottom line. Yet, they face the daily challenge of finding ways to drive down these costs across their energy-intensive buildings, plants, and production environments.

Real-Time Cost Management

Equipment at these facilities is complex and their systems are often built upon a variety of different vendor and manufacturer components. That only adds to this challenge, as increased costs can be hidden behind dispersed maintenance schedules, service agreements, equipment performance degradation, and a lack of insight into ensuring that all their equipment runs in harmony with one another. So, without real-time visibility into these concerns, unrealized costs readily appear in the form or equipment downtime, energy waste, and increased maintenance and service costs.

Compressed Air

Approximately 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air system powering a variety of equipment. Compressed air is one of the most expensive uses of energy in a manufacturing plant. According to the University of Minnesota, about 8hp of fuel is used to generate the electricity required for 1hp of compressed air, making it the least efficient and sustainable plant utility. Monitoring the compressed air equipment in your facility can help you justify system improvements to increase energy efficiency. FacilityConneX has analytics specifically for compressed air equipment. We can help you keep costs low while ensuring your equipment works at optimal efficiency.

Predict Failure with Advanced Diagnostics

Temperature trending up? Is that related to the increase in Water Pressure? Is this a problem? Is this a crisis? Humans cannot predict failure, but your assets have the data and can tell you if they are trending out of control and if they are starting to fail. Let your assets intelligently tell the operators what is required to keep them running, what issues are occurring, and how to change a failure trend.

Identifying and preventing failures will not only save money against your machine and output efficiency; it will limit unnecessary preventive maintenance costs and save on energy usage and capital cost.


FacilityConneX is an Enterprise-level intelligent monitoring and knowledge action system designed to bring smart asset monitoring, advanced predictive intelligence, continuous management and energy savings; all available in a secure hosted Cloud environment with online and mobile visibility. This allows  facility managers to:

  • Monitor your equipment and thousands of fault detection scenarios.
  • View the entire portfolio of buildings online and on mobile to ensure that people have the right information at the right time.
  • Use our advanced analytics to prioritize the work needed to minimize energy consumption and meet occupant needs.

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