Hospital BuildingFacilityConneX provides real-time monitoring and commissioning for healthcare building operators and hospital facility managers looking to create a safer, more comfortable environment for patients and staff while simultaneously enhancing utility savings, operational efficiency, sustainability, and compliance. Real-time commissioning, fault detection & diagnostics, and advanced predictive analytics enable hospital engineers, operators and managers to gain greater visibility into facility operations and give their equipment a voice. Through FacilityConneX you can reap the following benefits:

  • Patient comfort is drastically improved with instant alerts for HVAC & equipment issues
  • Operational efficiency is enhanced with the consolidation of data from millions of IoT devices into one easy-to-use real-time monitoring platform
  • Energy savings up to 25 % can be achieved through more accurate energy which creates a clearer understanding of inefficiencies, peak use, etc.
  • Facility staff can maintain regulatory compliance with AIA standards and can show due diligence in maintaining the environment, health, safety, and infectious disease control
  • Risk of shutdown is minimized due to preventative maintenance and mobile alerts
  • Proactive facility maintenance through the FCXperience, which provides customized guidance on priority improvements for maximized energy and cost-savings


Environmental, Operational, and Cost-Related Challenges

  • $8B: Healthcare is one of the highest energy-consuming sectors spending approximately $8B on energy annually
  • 2,200: Due to increased community visibility and interest in sustainability, more healthcare construction projects have received or are seeking some level of LEED certification
  • 5%: The increased use of medical equipment and information technology is resulting in an annual 1.5% increase in energy use intensity (EUI).
  • 5-20%: Retro-commissioning can increase hospital efficiency anywhere between 5-20% however, it is only performed every three to five years which can result in lost energy and cost savings


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