Corelle Brands

From bakeware, dinnerware, kitchen and household tools to range-top cookware, storage and cutlery, Corelle Brands and its affiliates manufacture and market brands known and trusted around the world. Look in any household and you will find examples of both innovative and timeless products proudly bearing our brands: Corningware®, Pyrex®, Chicago Cutlery®, Baker’s Secret®, Revere®, OLFA®, Corelle®, Visions®, Snapware®, EKCO®, Magnalite®.

A global team of 3,000 talented employees and experienced industry leaders have made these brands and products possible, and are continuing to innovate to meet the world’s evolving needs in the home. We have major manufacturing product development and distribution operations in the United States and the Asia-Pacific regions, and retail channels around the world.

Corelle Brands is using FacilityConneX to monitor compressed air systems for a study around preventative maintenance, staging optimization, and energy savings. Partnered with B2Q, FCS is expected to bring in saving between 25% to 35%.

“Corelle Brands’ compressed air systems are a vital part of our plant. However, with hundreds of control points, we needed a way to reduce energy costs while reducing downtime. FacilityConneX’s analytics provided immediate results that that identified significant savings and real insight into the operations of our systems.”

Project Details

  • Compressed Air
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Energy Savings

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