FCX VOICE – The 24/7 Commissioning Agent

FCX VOICE – The 24/7 Commissioning Agent

During a recent meeting with a FacilityConneX (FCX) hospital system customer, I learned about the role that Monitoring-Based Commissioning played at their facility. When given the choice between hiring two additional facility technicians or deploying the FCX solution across the entire hospital, our customer chose FCX and reaped the benefits.

Prior to the full-scale implementation, FCX was monitoring 25% of the hospital’s HVAC equipment. Over the course of a year and a half, and in conjunction with the monthly FCX commissioning expert reviews included in the product subscription, our customer saw a 3X return on their investment. This substantial cost savings drove them to further investigate deploying FCX throughout the entire hospital.

Monitoring-Based Commissioning is not only saving the hospital money, it’s helping them improve their operational efficiency and creating longevity in their equipment life by proactively addressing maintenance issues with the help of preventative fault detection analytics. FCX also assists with infectious disease monitoring and joint commission audits, and is the only company providing a fault detection system that can arm you with the tools needed to visualize and analyze data – any time and any place.

FacilityConneX has given our customer the 24/7 “technician” they desperately needed.

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