FacilityConneX Releases VOICE Mobile

FacilityConneX Releases VOICE Mobile

Hear your equipment talk – anytime, anywhere…

FacilityConneX, the company who provides you with the VOICE of Your Equipment is pleased to announce “VOICE Mobile” for IOS. The FacilityConneX mobile application “VOICE Mobile” is made for the industrial internet to offer real-time data views anytime, anywhere. FacilityConneX is an intelligent monitoring and knowledge system that delivers energy savings and operation efficiency through smart asset monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics, and advanced predictive analytics.

Key features of the new VOICE Mobile include:

Anytime, Anywhere

  • Real-time Access to Data and Historical Trending
  • Default and Self-service Customizable Views
  • Collaborative View Sharing and Message Boards
  • Equipment Model Driven Navigation

 Notifications to Actions

  • Alerts
  • Notification Message Board w/ User Unread Counts
  • Create Communication Threads
  • Scheduled or On-Demand Tasks and Actions Board
  • Single or Multi-Step Tasks (Analytic or Data Triggered)

Detection and Diagnostics

  • Analytic Summary Rollups and Heatmaps
  • Detailed Drill-down Analysis View and Analytic Finding
  • Analytic Detection Notifications
  • Energy and Cost Opportunity Summarization

Get the Information You Need – Start using “VOICE Mobile” today so that your equipment can start telling you what is happening continuously! Visit the Apple Store to download to you IOS Device or for a product demo please contact us at sales@FacilityConneX.com.

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