FacilityConneX, the company who provides you with the VOICE of Your Equipment is pleased to announce the release of 3.0. This latest release will expand your Equipment’s VOICES to transform them into simple, rapid, and trackable actions. Designed with the most advanced fault detection and diagnostics for equipment in the market today, our monitoring engines now feed your FCX Views with new technology to drive equipment or process Actions to completion. Knowing that time to resolution means money in your pocket, an Action completion is literally “Time is Money!”. That Action can come in the form of a simple key performance indicator, a preventative maintenance task, or energy conservation measure. This 3.0 release extends our IoT Solution for Equipment Optimization with the following new features.

  • Self-Service Notifications – Eliminate the noise, but don’t miss the critical tracking situation anytime, anywhere. You design when to turn up the volume on that equipment to be awareness the situations.
  • VOICE Actions – Your Tasks at Hand. Whether it is pushing a work-order to your system or tracking it simply on its own with context and the information that matters, FacilityConneX Action feature will connect the dots from your fault condition to corrective action closure. Now your VOICES can be connected to your corrective action, tied to a third-party system, or a custom operating procedure. Actions are now simple and easy!
  • Manual Data Entry –Data is not always capable of being real-time retrieved or operators and engineers need to put more context to the real-time information being collected. With the 3.0 release, users now can build a form and add that information through your VOICE System. Once added, go ahead and visualize it in a chart with real-time data!
  • Improvements and New Analytics – FacilityConneX is always extending our Analytic Reasoners with new rules and intelligence. Over a 1000+ are now available off-the-shelf across different equipment types.

FacilityConneX is the VOICE of Your Equipment.  An Advanced IoT Solution for Equipment Optimization, Processes, and Facilities. Any questions or want a demo of these new features, contact your Sales Representative on our website or email us at sales@facilityconnex.com now!

Thank you,

The FacilityConneX Team



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