FacilityConneX Expands Air Optimization Project for Southcoast Health

The Company will provide real-time monitoring and commissioning for air quality improvement within Charlton Memorial and St. Luke’s hospitals

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — February 13th, 2019FacilityConneX, a leading real-time facility data monitoring solution and service provider for increased operational efficiency, equipment optimization and energy savings, today announced that it will expand its current project with Southcoast Health, a not-for-profit, community-based health system, to provide real-time monitoring, commissioning and fault detection & diagnostics for HVAC and air quality optimization within two of its facilities including Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, MA and St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, MA.

The HVAC and air quality optimization project will take effect within specialized areas of these hospitals including operating rooms, sterilization areas, and recovery areas. Through FacilityConneX’s monitoring platform, Southcoast Health’s facility management staff will receive real-time alerts to potential issues pertaining to airflow, air changes, temperature, pressure and humidity, all of which can ultimately boost energy savings, enhance safety and provide infectious disease detection related to the facility equipment.

Southcoast Health has been utilizing FacilityConneX’s technology since 2013 for both the Charlton and St. Luke’s Hospitals as well as within its Tobey Hospital and Fairhaven Cancer Center. Currently, this solution is monitoring 1,600 pieces of equipment and 13,000 analytics across all four facilities to better support energy savings and meet environmental, health and safety requirements.

“Air quality is of the utmost importance to our facilities as it not only supports patient comfort but also helps to control and mitigate the spread of infectious disease(s) throughout hospitals,” said Christopher LeBlanc, Executive Director of Engineering/Facilities & EVS at Southcoast Health. “Using the FacilityConneX platform, we’ve been able to bring a much more proactive approach to maintenance and energy savings, reducing these costs by approximately 15 percent. We’re looking to bring this same approach to our HVAC systems to provide our patients and staff with the best air quality possible, and the FacilityConneX solution and team has proven to be the right choice for this effort.”

Air optimization is a growing concern for the containment and prevention of infectious airborne diseases.  According to a World Health Organization study, over 1.4 million people suffer from infectious complications acquired in the hospital. Real-time monitoring and commissioning help to identify potential air quality and HVAC issues immediately so facility managers can quickly take action and minimize downtime from area shut downs.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Southcoast Health and believe this project will be an important step towards helping these facilities become safer, more efficient and cost effective,” said Mark Pipher, Vice President and General Manager of FacilityConneX. “Our solutions help facility managers and engineers proactively address potential concerns and be more efficient in how they handle existing air quality issues so environmental, health and safety requirements are no longer an arduous task to manage.”

About FacilityConneX
FacilityConneX is a real-time data monitoring solution and service provider for building operators and facility managers looking to proactively enhance operational efficiency, IIoT equipment optimization and energy savings through ongoing commissioning, fault detection, diagnostics and advanced predictive analytics. The company creates customizable turnkey solutions for customers in the healthcare, industrial, commercial, higher education and water & wastewater markets. FacilityConneX gives every piece of equipment a voice that helps facilities better understand how each asset is operating, when it needs maintenance, and how to increase its lifespan. The FacilityConneX platform and experience takes facilities from a reactive approach to a proactive model through continual education, analysis of existing data and identification of individual opportunity savings. For additional information, visit www.facilityconnex.com or follow FacilityConneX on Twitter and LinkedIn.