FacilityConneX Attending WEEC

FacilityConneX Attending WEEC

The FacilityConneX team is excited to show you what we mean by “The Voice of Your Equipment.” Simply put, it is the process of listening to all your equipment and translating that equipment data into actionable information. Many building managers attempt to do this manually, based upon complaints or through a re-commissioning study, and focused on only specific equipment or building areas. Periodically reviewing only raw equipment data is like plugging a hole in the dam with your finger. With streaming building and equipment analytics, FacilityConneX finds hundreds of unknown issues involving energy waste and equipment wear and tear occurring in our customers’ facilities. Did you “plug” the most important hole? Is the root cause of the issue still happening? Is the issue happening across your entire fleet of equipment? How much money are you REALLY wasting? Don’t just stand there with your finger in the dam; the answers to all these questions are available, if you just listen to the Voice of Your Equipment!

Attending the World Energy Engineering Conference? Visit the FacilityConneX team in booth #716 and ask for an FCXperience demo.

Hear from FacilityConneX while at the show:

Mark Pipher, Vice President and General Manager for FacilityConneX, will be presenting during WEEC and will be available during the listed times for a Q&A session.

Session Title: Poster Sessions
Date: Wednesday, October 17
Times: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm


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