Facilities Operators: Top Five Reasons Continuous Fault Detection Helps You

Facilities Operators: Top Five Reasons Continuous Fault Detection Helps You

The struggle of keeping everyone happy, comfortable, and productive falls on facilities operations.  Constantly maintaining complex, critical systems across multiple vendors types, analyzing retrofit options and energy saving strategies is a daunting task day in and day out. If you could get ahead of that maintenance request, that failure, and that daunting to-do list – would you?

Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) Systems are designed to make a reactive culture more proactive. FDD systems take tens of thousands of points of data from your equipment inside and outside your facility, form it into analyzed predictive findings with probable causes, and prioritize worst offenders and preventative actions. Systems like this use advanced analytic learning algorithms specifically configured for the way you run your facilities, learning trend patterns, before and after conditions, and systemic issues. Furthermore, many FDD systems come with 1000’s of proven detection analytics that are highly configurable with energy and commissioning experts available to assist.

Here are the top five reasons that a fault detection and diagnostic system can help your operations:

  • FDD does the monitoring and detection that you can’t do every day against all of your equipment and can alert you to critical issues. Let FDD be The Voice of Your Equipment, enabling you to go to action on the most critical problems with data validation information at your fingertips.
  • Free your personnel from constant occupant requests. Many Fault Detection systems find the probable cause of the situation by doing the analysis- helping you with a “Faster Time to Resolution.” In places that have deployed FDD, operations have seen 20% or more decrease in occupant complaints.
  • Do you make decisions for energy conservation measures? Good fault detection systems calculate the potential savings associated with unresolved mechanical and controls issues.  These “Opportunity Savings” calculations can help prioritize projects and assist with measurement and verification. You could see energy savings returns of 5% to 30%.

    FCX Voice Fleet Severity
  • Retro-commissioning projects often occur every several years, and commonly much less frequently than that.  This will let  equipment performance and efficiency degrade for years, which can cause excessive wear and tear, comfort issues, and energy waste. FDD will help you keep your complex facilities systems constantly in tune.
  • Lastly, in places like hospitals and universities, environmental and regulatory requirements may be in jeopardy if equipment is not running at peak performance; causing concerns in safety, especially in operating rooms or lab areas.

Imagine having a system that improves your life and gives you complete visibility into equipment and processes efficiency. Now throw away that daunting deferred maintenance list and drive yourself into the proactive world of FDD.

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