Commercial Real Estate

Property owners need to manage multiple properties with hundreds of pieces of equipment, and quickly respond to issues that can impact energy waste, maintenance costs, and tenant comfort. FacilityConneX provides property managers with increased transparency into their building operations and supports more strategic and proactive decision making for maintenance efforts. Using a combination of monitoring-based commissioning, fault detection & diagnostics and advanced predictive analytics FacilityConneX optimizes operational efficiency, increases energy and cost savings and allows property owners to maintain tenant comfort.

  • Operational efficiency is enhanced with the consolidation of data from millions of IoT devices across numerous properties into one easy-to-use real-time monitoring based commissioning platform.
  • Maintenance efforts become more effective as predictive analytics and real-time alerts provide maintenance staff with a prioritized list of critical issues, the root cause of the issues and where they’re located.
  • Energy savings up to 25 % can be achieved through more accurate energy which creates a clearer understanding of inefficiencies, peak use, etc.
  • Tenant comfort is drastically improved with intelligent alerts and predictive analytics that maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for building occupants.
  • Time to resolution is reduced up to 30% as monitoring based commissioning, and predictive analytics allow property managers to identify and address issues more quickly.

Environmental, Operational, and Cost-Related Challenges

  • 30%: Through predictive analytics and intelligent alarming the time to resolution for property or tenant issues can be reduced up to 30%
  • Laws in cities like Boston and New York’s Local Law 84 mandates energy consumption reporting and Local law 87 mandates that buildings over 50,000 gross square feet undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures
  • Green buildings use less energy and are therefore less expensive to own and operate, making them more attractive to prospective tenants and owner-occupiers where energy and water costs are a major consideration relative to overall costs

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