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High Energy Lab Building Alert: How to Manage Your Costs and Carbon Emissions with Advanced Technology

EXPERT QUOTE: “The pressure on building owners and operators to reduce GHG emissions and shift towards electrification is growing. Research labs and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities have very high energy intensities due to the number of air changes per hour required for a safe and productive environment. Couple this with rising energy costs and the cost

Kaye launches LabWatch® IoT – An intelligent, cloud based monitoring/alarming system designed to protect critical GxP products and ensure patient safety

Continuous Monitoring in Life Sciences has reached the cloud, and with the use of Big Data, Kaye now presents user connectivity that surpasses the competition. Building on the legacy of Kaye’s LabWatch Pro system, LabWatch IoT takes connectivity, security, data access and analysis to a new level. Read more LabWatch IoT Data Sheet Lab Watch IoT

Application Case Study: Water-ConneX for Water and Wastewater Utilities

The current methods used for manual data entry, regulatory reporting and operational checks are timely and error-prone. In this application case study, we explore how Water-ConneX can help both water and wastewater utilities enhance operational efficiency, simplify manual data entry and reporting, and provide more visibility into your operations with intelligent, real-time monitoring. Download the

FacilityConneX Attending WEEC

The FacilityConneX team is excited to show you what we mean by “The Voice of Your Equipment.” Simply put, it is the process of listening to all your equipment and translating that equipment data into actionable information. Many building managers attempt to do this manually, based upon complaints or through a re-commissioning study, and focused on only specific equipment or