Month: October 2018

Machine Learning Part 1: The Machine Data

Part 1 – The Machine Data – A Detailed Perspective of Steps for Machine Learning and Predictive Chilled Water System Analytics in Facility Applications ZLATKO VASILKOSKI, CHIEF SCIENTIST, FACILITYCONNEX FacilityConneX Approach to Predictive Analytics Here we illustrate an effective FCX predictive methodology for organizations to diagnose and detect events that mandate the need for maintenance

FacilityConneX Releases VOICE Mobile

Hear your equipment talk – anytime, anywhere… FacilityConneX, the company who provides you with the VOICE of Your Equipment is pleased to announce “VOICE Mobile” for IOS. The FacilityConneX mobile application “VOICE Mobile” is made for the industrial internet to offer real-time data views anytime, anywhere. FacilityConneX is an intelligent monitoring and knowledge system that

FacilityConneX Attending WEEC

The FacilityConneX team is excited to show you what we mean by “The Voice of Your Equipment.” Simply put, it is the process of listening to all your equipment and translating that equipment data into actionable information. Many building managers attempt to do this manually, based upon complaints or through a re-commissioning study, and focused on only specific equipment or