• Monitor & Analyze Equipment Performance
    Monitor & Analyze Equipment Performance
    See actionable results anytime, anywhere through the industrial cloud
  • Increase energy savings upwards of 25 percent
    Increase energy savings upwards of 25 percent
    Cut energy use and operational costs across energy-intensive buildings
  • Be proactive with advanced fault detection & diagnostics
    Be proactive with advanced fault detection & diagnostics
    Avoid costly downtime and increase operational efficiency
  • Real-time monitoring and commissioning
    Real-time monitoring and commissioning
    Continuously enhance building performance by identifying inefficiencies

FacilityConneX is the Voice of Your Equipment

Transforming equipment noise into knowledge & action

FacilityConneX is a cloud-based, real-time monitoring solution that proactively optimizes energy efficiency, operational performance, and preventative maintenance through continuous commissioning, fault detection, diagnostics, and advanced predictive analytics. By hearing and understanding the voice of your equipment, it’s possible to achieve energy and cost savings upwards of 35%.

The proper operation of the equipment in hospitals is critical for patient comfort, infectious disease containment, and energy efficiency. FacilityConneX can save you money while helping pass Joint Commissioning.
Identifying ways to minimize downtime and meet operational budgets are crucial for industrial facility managers. FacilityConneX can reduce unexpected maintenance and costs across energy-intensive buildings, plants, and production environments.
Aging infrastructure, rising energy costs, and reduced budgets are major issues affecting education. All of these factors greatly impact facility managers and their day-to-day priorities. See how FacilityConneX promotes energy efficiency, reducing overall energy and operational costs.
Commercial Real Estate
Green buildings have higher asset values as tenants commit to sustainability. See how using FacilityConneX can promote higher sale prices, rental and occupancy rates while lower operating expenses.
Water Treatment
Water and wastewater systems deal with complex equipment distributed geographically. FacilityConneX provides automation that dramatically improves operational efficiency, cuts energy costs and improves the bottom line.
OEMs & Solutions Providers
With OEMConneX features, you choose to give your customers the most visibility available in the market and cloud today. FacilityConneX helps your customer see the machine the way you designed it to run and allows them to collaborate with you.

Product Features

Energy management and smart monitoring just got “smarter” with FacilityConneX – Get a real-time look into the operations and efficiency of your equipment, anytime, anywhere via browser or smartphone.

Continuous Monitoring

As soon as your equipment is connected, FacilityConneX gathers and stores necessary data so the analytics can identify issues before they become critical problems.

Knowledge to Action Points

Analytic Views reveals all issues with assets while Analytic Dashboards identifies the specific problems that require immediate attention.


Data, analytics, and alerts are available anytime, anywhere using a mobile application that was designed for operation and maintenance personnel working with the Industrial Internet.


Intelligent alarms pre-processed to select thresholds and conditions provide consolidated, actionable alerts that exclude false regulatory concerns and help staff identify and address issues faster.


Real-time monitoring consolidates data from all systems and identifies key energy conservation measures and equipment optimization options, to minimize downtime, energy waste and maintenance costs.


Predictive Analytics reduce the time and cost needed for maintenance and ensure that the comfort of your facilities’ occupants is never compromised.


For equipment that is unable to connect automatically, the Manual Data Entry process uses forms to gather the information and seamlessly integrate it for analytics and notifications.